My attitude as a trainer and coach* is shaped by the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers:

With regard to one’s own development perspectives, every person has the skills to resolve conflicts and carries the potential for further development within him or herself. The focus in the empowerment processes is thus on your resources and the resources of your team, which we activate to pursue and implement your concerns.

  • Empowerment as the goal

  • Create new opportunities for action

  • Find and activate resources

  • Solution-oriented

  • Self-reflection and change of perspective

  • Networking is the key

In my opinion, especially when working with diversity in a team (and any challenging situations that may arise as a result), „self-reflection and change of perspective“ are two very important methods that are always present in my process support.

Furthermore, in my work I am guided by the systemic approach, by which I understand that all (life) areas such as the professional constellation, personal situation, etc. influence each other and have an impact on corresponding behavior and challenging situations.

To be able to implement your request sustainably, we take into account appropriate areas if necessary, so that you can reach your desired „goal“ in an active and self-determined process and implement it in the long term.

  • Member of BVPPT

  • Regular advanced training and continuing education

  • Continuous (self-) supervision

  • Exchange in collegial groups